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Understanding the business of doing business 


ACA Research is a specialist in business-to-business research. Immersing ourselves across a range of industry sectors for over 20 years, we have built up a wealth of understanding about how different markets operate.




Market Leading
Sector Expertise



Understanding Key
Decision Makers



Knowledge of Key
Market Dynamics

Business Audiences We Typically Access Through Our Research And Our Omnibus Studies



  • Retail Pharmacies - OTC
  • Retail Pharmacies - POMs
  • Health Food Stores
  • Optometrists
  • Dentists
  • GPs & Specialists
  • Hospital Purchasing Decision-Makers
Animal Health

Animal Health

  • Vets
  • Vet Nurses
  • Pet Store Managers
  • Dog/cat Breeders
  • Farmers
  • Veterinary Wholesalers


  • Independent Automotive Workshop Managers
  • Paint & Panel Workshop Managers
  • Passenger Car Dealerships
  • Road Freight Transport Operators
  • Fleet Managers
  • Earthmoving Contractors
  • Active Mine Sites
Banking Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Small Business Decision-Makers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Financial Advisers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Export Managers
  • Accounting Firms
  • Mortgage Brokers

b2b business research - ACA Research

We Can Help You Access Your Markets

We employ a highly experienced B2B team who understand how to connect with stakeholders within specific industries. The importance of being a market expert is also critical to providing credible and reliable insights.

We understand that each B2B market has direct and indirect channels to reach the end-consumer. Knowing how these channels work together to provide a comprehensive distribution and service network is core to our promise.

Our in-house interviewing unit provides us with the capability to engage the professional audiences you do business with, wherever they may be.

Recent Projects We Have Undertaken Span A Cross-Section Of Industry Sectors

This is a snapshot of some of our recent studies:

  • Financial Services: An annual study of financial advisors to assess their experience using a leading trading and reporting platform for a major financial institution. The insights from this research are integrated into the innovation process to enhance the user experience.
  • Education & Training: Helping a Group Training Provider understand the ramifications of the reforms to the VET sector on the training needs of their member organisations.
  • Healthcare: An enterprise wide, quantitative Voice-Of-the Customer study to identify the critical factors impacting the experience of specialist doctors across several therapeutic areas and to help enable better alignment and integration of sales and marketing activities across the business.
  • Automotive: An ongoing tracking study for a leading automotive spare parts company to evaluate market share, brand health and customer experience amongst automotive trades and distributors. As a result our client has been able to maintain market dominance and high margins in a highly competitive and commoditised category.
  • Building & Construction: Mapping the product and brand purchasing environment across our client’s portfolio to help optimise marketing communications and channel strategy to engage with the needs of key tradespeople.
  • Primary Industry: Understanding feeding practices for livestock in key enterprises across Australia in order to assess the appeal and likely opportunity for a range of feed supplement products, helping prioritise product launches and identify key marketing messages that would resonate with livestock vets and producers.
  • Financial Services: Biannual thought leadership program for a major Bank researching the key trends, opportunities and challenges within the Retail sector.
  • Education & Training: Assisting a leading university in understanding market needs and optimising its offer to attract new post-graduate referrals from key local businesses.
  • Hospital: Understanding the needs of Managers of Central Sterilisation Service Departments and the critical issues impacting delivery of their services across operating theatres within their hospitals.

We found ACA Research to be very professional and thorough in the methodology and presentation of results. They understand our market exceptionally well and were able to engage with key stakeholders to help build understanding of where we are and competitors sit across a number of performance criteria.

A satisfied ACA Research client

ACA Research

Business-To-Business Research Needs Business Knowledge

We are leaders in B2B Market Research across a number of sectors; automotive, retail, finance & banking, healthcare, animal and agricultural care. We consistently deliver demonstrable results for our clients. 

We understand the dynamics that underpin them, their specific channels to market and the bigger, regulatory context in which decisions are being made.

Alongside this specific sector knowledge is the ability of our researchers to understand the audience in question and their professional persona that influences the decisions they make.

We undertake B2B research across all sectors, transferring our broad business knowledge appropriately to provide detailed market understanding.