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Hero or zero? Australian CFOs as champions of change


Our client, one of the world’s leading financial services organisations, was looking to create further connection with their core business audience – Chief Financial Officers at major Australian organisations. They asked us to put together a thought leadership piece to better understand how CFOs are facing up to the factors that cause most disruption to their business, such as technology and changing consumer demand.


To build a comprehensive profile of the CFO landscape, we conducted detailed research with 250 organisations comprising a cross-section of Australian businesses. This research comprised collection of key attitudinal and business metrics as well as more detailed interrogation of a sub-set of respondents to create ‘case studies’ for the project.


This research identified three core segments amongst the CFOs interviewed for the study, those who worked for organisations that were themselves ‘disrupters’, those who embrace disruption and those who fight it. The resultant report shed light on how organisations can better manage disruption and even embrace it, inspiring business leaders to take a fresh look at disruptions that come as part and parcel of business today.


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