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Translating customer-centricity to the digital age


Our client, a leading global information services group wanted to produce a thought leadership piece to open up dialogue with Australian marketers on how, in this age of time-poverty, multiple channels and disruptive marketing, they are still successfully putting their customer at the heart of their businesses and delivering a compelling customer experience.


This project required the establishment of key metrics that could be benchmarked and tracked over time, but also ‘deep dive’ understanding of key issues and behaviours. To this end, we combined in-depth interviews with 20 of the country’s most respected CMOs with survey data from more than 100 top marketers.


The research found that, without established processes or guidelines CMOs are feeling their way in terms of putting customer-centricity into practice and we observed a huge spread in levels of sophistication within organisations as a result. However, we identified sufficient commonalities between what organisations were doing to create the Customer Centricity Maturity Index (CCMI) that identified four phases of customer-centric transformation and would help organisations benchmark their progress.


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 "ACA Research has supported us over the last 15 years in helping us access a cross-section of our key customers to provide us with insight into their confidence levels and predictions for the coming year.  We use the outcomes of this research to develop our communications strategy with them."

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