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Open for business: Mapping trends in Australian retail


Our client, one of Australia’s big four banks wanted to develop a thought leadership piece to support retailers looking to integrate their digital and physical channel strategy and optimise their online and mobile presence.


We undertook an in-depth survey of over 500 retailers around the country and combined this data with an analysis of over $3 Billion in online spend made on our client’s credit cards, which equated to 80 million online transactions from 3 million customers for a two year period.


The research provided a ‘deep seam’ of insight in relation to the state of retail in Australia today and offered up some surprises, namely the relative immaturity of online and mobile retailing and the opportunities for retailers to still benefit from market growth and investment therein.


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 “ACA Research has supported us over the last 15 years in helping us access a cross-section of our key customers to provide us with insight into their confidence levels and predictions for the coming year. We use the outcomes of this research to develop our communications strategy with them.

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